Back In The Hizzouse


So with some Google-Fu and technical wizardry, I have managed to bring my ageing, decrepit but wonderfully useful tablet PC back from the dead!

One repaired and recovered HDD and a metric fuck ton of swearing later, two years worth of digital artwork now sits on a USB stick with a back up made and two more USB sticks on the way for even more backups. Plus I’ll be retiring my old tower PC to build a home server where further backups will find a home. I think I now have more backed up files than originals.

So I’m back working on the Monster Mashers pages for Mike Salt, a funny little book about two rather moronic brothers who inherit a Pest Control business (pests in this case being vampires, werewolves, the undead and, in these pages, a 7ft Lizardman) from their parents.
Its very good, a lot of fun and a total blast to be working on.

I’ll throw up a couple of the work-in-progress pages soon.

Crashed, Out.

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