Jet Setting Mo Fo’s From Outer Space

So I’m preparing to get on a big-ass plane and pootle off to Singapore soon! All as part of the day job, I’m due to fly out to the Singapore Art Museum and set-up one of their upcoming shows, involving quite a lot of cabling, some very expensive projectors and speakers and an awful lot of ‘Art’.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to travelling for the 37 hour roundtrip, but it’s ‘all grist for the mill’ I suppose.

On the comics front, work continues apace on Monster Mashers, now that the tablet is up and running again, and backed up to an absurd degree (touch wood). After the last couple of weeks, involving more Art installations, technical specification, design, artist liaisons and big ol’ arguments, resolve is wearing thin, but every time I open up the pages and see how it’s coming along I get that happy feeling again.
All good in the hood, as they are want to say on occasion.

I’ll definately post up some WIP’s before I leave on my travels, and I’m hoping that the 17hr jaunt out to Singapore will give me the chance to knuckle down, and rip through those remaining panels in true jet setter style. All while Changing Phase The Hard Way!

Unstoppable Dave is Unstoppable!..

In other news, 8th Wonder Press have published their anthology ‘Uncanny Adventures’ featuring yours truly! My six-pagfe short ‘Shred’ is contained within it’s uncanny pages, as well as a full colour back cover (pencils by moi, colours by Kodi ‘Jets’ Enetanya) and I’ll have a link up soon so you can purchase a copy!

– Crashed, Out

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