Buy It! Buy It NOW!

That’s right losers! I got published! Nothing can stop me now!

Go buy the book from Amazon!

The anthology features 21 short stories ranging from my ridiculousness to Victorian horror, via Sci-Fi, Murder Mystery and autobiography. And it’s got my art on the back cover too! Oh, yeah, and Ethan Nicole (Axe Cop) did the front cover. Whatever.

I’ll setup a shop on here soon, as I also have ‘Alibi Jones: Vacation’ on the way (via Glow In The Dark Radio) and Monster Mashers continues apace. And on that note, I’ve finally posted some more WIPS! Holy Shit!

I think I’m going to try something funky in the near future. My gallery bugs the living daylights out of me, as it’s Flash and I can’t indulge my narcissism on my Android phone. So I’m going to put together a traditional gallery on here, but I’m also going to try and put together a CBZ version, so you can download it and keep it forever on your iOS/Android/Linux/Windows/OSX device and read it just like a comic book!

Anyway, here’s the WIPS! All lines by me (for those not paying attention…)

‘SHRED’ – BACK COVER for 8th Wonder Press ‘Uncanny Adventures’ – Colours by Kodi ‘Jets’ Enetanya

MONSTER MASHERS – PG1 / PG2 / PG7 – Written by Mike Salt

FUTURBOY and THE ANGELS OF DESTINY – PG9 / PG10 – Written by Dave Siddall – Concept by Dave & Mark Siddall

DEATHMATCH – PG1 / PG2 – Written by Dave Siddall

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