Sneakoid Teh Peekoid!

Monthly update time folks!


That’s a freshly completed cover for another short story I’m looking forward to getting published in the near future (although all seems quite on the Anthology front at the moment, probably due to Con season being pretty much over I guess).

That one is called ‘Swarm’ and hopefully I’ll also be able to put this in the forthcoming shop area for you lucky sons of itches to get hold of and put up on your wall or whatever (I don’t know anymore… Unless its in a frame my wife doesn’t allow me to put things up on walls).

The one below is the cover for ‘Deathmatch’.


Monster Mashers enters the final push, with most of the work now complete, just some tidying up to do and some lettering and the pages will be in the hands of writer, Mike Salt, ready to get inked and whatnot.

After that, ‘Deathmatch’ and ‘Swarm’ will both be looking for publishers, and I’ll be putting together plans to get the Futurboy Kickstarter off the ground.
There’s also vague plans to put together a short test magazine for comics creators. A kind of how-to, with interviews, tutorials and workshops. Hopefully.

Laters guys and guyettes, be excellent to each other.

-Crashed, Out

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