Bummer City – Population- 1

Bumhole! So, after posting the Harley Quinn pages I’ve now managed to lose the USB stick that had all my work on. What a load of shit!
Luckily I had a lot of it backed up, but the most recent work, including the two covers I was working on in previous posts (Deathmatch and Swarm) and character designs for the currently under-wraps projects I’m working on were also not backed up, meaning a full-on Square One scenario.
Fully bummed out mode – Engage.

To top it all off, the protective glass/perspex on my decrepit old tablet PC has fallen off, leaving the LCD panel bare ass naked. Not good.

So plans are now afoot to update the rig to something more befitting of a part time, mildly talented comic book illustrator such as myself and actually make good on some kind of back up regime.
Maybe I’ll buy a NAS or something.

Anyway, that means that I won’t be updating with an image this time, but normal service should resume for next months update, and hopefully I can re-do my special Website Anniversary pinup I was planning on posting.

-Crashed, Out

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