Silly Season

So I’m keeping busy on the Jack1979 pages and material. hopefully we’ll be launching the Kickstarter in the New Year.

I’m beavering away on the short introductory story that will launch alongside the KS campaign, whilst Jon Paul Hart is refining the script. We also have Jasen Smith currently putting his colouring magic all over the wraparound I did a little while back, and I’ve got a couple of stonking images in the pipeline involving Jack facing down a variety of ridiculous monsters, occultists and general cray-cray.

I’ve been occasionally posting screengrabs and crops on my Twitter @tehcrashedmedia so if you’re into it, you can always follow me and I promise I won’t post as much garbage.

I’ll try and get some stuff up on here in the next couple of days, so check back!

In the meantime…

-Crashed, Out.

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