It’s been, like, proper ages since I did a blog post, innit?

Well, the reason for that is because I am proper busy, innit! Monster Mashers, the title I worked on with writer Mike Salt, appears to have been picked up for a limited 4-issue series! More details when I’m officially allowed to, you know, like, talk about it!

Basically, it’s an opportunity I am simply not in a position to pass on, so work is currently postponed on ‘Jack 1979: Chasing Shadows’ while I get to work completing Issue 1 of Monster Mashers. Full layouts are done, and final pencils are started with the issue clocking in at a respectable 27 pages of bickering, monster-mashing and shady goings-on.

Soon I’ll also have the final part of the script from Jon Paul Hart in order to complete the ‘Jack 1979: Chasing Shadows’ issue, so I ma well and truly Busy McTonsofwork.

Because I’m in the middle of sketchy pages, layouts and random workings-out, I don’t have anything to show for this update. So in lieu, here’s an old-skool, pencil and paper character page of ‘Dust’ from my long-ongoing project Futurboy and The Angels of Destiny.


-Crashed, Out

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