That’s right, Jack 1979, the comic I’ve been working on with writer Jon Paul Hart since October sometime is now officially, properly and actually launched! It is go time. Shit got real.

Jack 1979 is the story a man on a mission to rid the world of monsters. But he’s got a problem. And that problem is called Cage, a sadistic, body hopping force who has been brutally cutting a swathe through the Unfortunates for Whitechapel. Oh, and the problem is also called ‘the police thinking he’s the one wot done it’.

But why is it called Jack 1979 you ask? Well, that’s because in the course of trying to stop Cage, our man gets pulled into 1979 Los Angeles through some crazy wormhole thing. Not helpful.

So anyway… We have 30 days to raise the $8000 we need to put the book out there, and we need your support! If you’re reading this, we need you to hit the link and pledge! Anything at all is massively appreciated!

Check out the rewards, hit us up in the KS comments or on twitter (@tehcrashedmedia) and tell everyone you even nearly make eye contact with that our project is awesome and they are a terrible human being if they don’t support it!

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