Well… You can’t win them all, I guess. Its been a little while since the ‘Jack 1979’ Kickstarter launched and then fell out of the sky. We raised over $1000 in pledges, but alas, it wasn’t to be this time around.

I want to say a huge Thank You to each and every person that pledged their support, and just knowing that people out there in the world were interested in what we were doing was a massive result in itself.
But we ain’t done yet. Jack 1979 is not dead. We’ve still got a story to tell and, damn it, we’re going to tell that story.

In the wake of the Kickstarter, I’ve taken a little time out, recouped and rested (Ha! As if… The day job is utterly mental right now) but I’ll be back in the saddle soon and we’re going to put Jack 1979 in your hands hail, rain or shine.

Soon, motherfuckers. Soon.

I’ve already laid a lot of the ground work for #2 and I’d made some headway during the KS campaign, and I’ll be re-lettering #1 shortly in order to get back into the swing of things.

Crashed, Out.

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