Doodle My Colour

Jack 1979 is kicking my arse, Monster Mashers is back on the scene, and a third project is coalescing as we speak. It’s a lot to have on your plate when you already have a day job and a load of house jobs that need finishing, so I thought I’d take a break and do something meaningless and simple to loosen up.

Now, I’m no colourist, and completing this one I still haven’t got the faintest idea what the hell I’m doing, but I had a crack anyway.
I think I’m might have a go at a series of them. Maybe. Unless it looks like that’s also going to turn into a ‘project’. Then my fucking head will explode.

I’ve really enjoyed putting this one together though. I think of everything I’ve learnt doing this one, my favourites have been the halo and lens flare around the torch, which was super cool learning how to paint that in rather than mess with some wacky filter. Just a couple of swipes with four airbrush colours! If you can pick it out, I also figured out a neat little lens effect that I’d seen in films before. There are some tiny speckles of light around the torch light, which was just a couple of curved lines drawn in, locked transparency and slapped some neon colours over it, dropped the transparency a little and then ‘scratched’ it out with a fine eraser. Easy peasy and did exactly what I was hoping to do.

Other favourites were the rust detailing on the treasure chest, which added some much needed texture and ageing and managing to get the depth of the water to look right. Again, all just kind of experimentation that seemed to work out right in the end, but for me that’s generally the most fun.

– Out

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