Back In Effect

Back in 2015, I decided to stop doing blog posts, and just concentrated on the artwork.
I’ve changed my mind. So the blog is back.
But this time I have a plan.

In 2015, I’d just started to mess about with digital colouring and painting, due to having the right tools at my disposal finally.
Now, I have some pretty cool toys to play with.
My current setup revolves around a Macbook Pro Retina, Wacom Cintiq 21UX and Sketchbook Pro. In addition to that, I seperated the whole mobile art aspect to a simple but very, very effective Samsung Tab A which has the fantastic S-Pen (which I believe is Wacom based) and now that the Android version of Sketchbook Pro is so good, I can move files back and forth between the two setups as and when I need.

I mainly use the Samsung Tab A for rough ideas, thumbnails, sketches, storyboards and sequentials.

The Macbook Pro setup meanwhile is the main attraction, and with the 21UX Cintiq means I’m now able to work more precisely, in more detail and with more ambition than before.

Both systems allow me to do screen captures as well, so there could be some of those fancy art videos on the way too!

So… what’s this plan I was on about?
Well, I’ve taken to documenting the progress of the artwork as I move through stages, so I’ll be posting walkthroughs of them, along with any useful tips and tricks I’ve come up with.

That’s about it.


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